There is a wonderful foundation in Hungary, where I was born, called Bátor Tábor (“Camp Courage”) and they have an inspiring mission. How they work with children, help them to face their fears and literally change their lives is incredible, and I have tried to draw from that. I’m grateful for their support with this project and simply couldn’t have had a better partner. My family and I have been supporters of Bátor Tábor for many years and delighted to continue.

How can you be part of their essential work? Simple. All of the net proceeds from book sales go to the foundation. Or if you’d like to contribute directly they welcome that too.

The camp is a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, which was set up by the legendary Paul Newman.

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“Bátor Tábor returns cancer-afflicted and chronically ill children to their carefree childhoods. Our camp is not a summer camp in the classical meaning of the term. We place children outside of their comfort zones through special experiences. By overcoming their fears, they can recognise that they are ready to confront not only the challenges involved in their adventures, but also their illness. We put smiles on their faces; we give them power for their struggle. We change lives.”

What is the point of success and good fortune if we cannot share it? I have been privileged to help people on their journey with cancer using my own experiences, and this book was born in that same spirit.